Photo Report

The entire history of your car in Pictures (by vin code) in one report, for only $3.99
  • Photo of the car after the accident (vandalism). How bad was the damage?
  • Has the car been in an accident more than once? All available photos of the car in one report.
  • Photos for cars sold from insurance auctions - Copart, IaaI, Manheim, etc.

Content Photo of the report

What information is in the Photo report? Report example

    Learn more about the vehicle's history and avoid costly hidden problems

    Photo Report - is a comprehensive archive of photos of the car, which can be obtained using the vehicle's VIN number. The report contains photos of the car sold through American (Canadian) insurance auctions. It usually includes from 10 to 100 or more photos of a vehicle (the more often it has been resold or been in an accident, the more photos it has).

    The photo report is indispensable when buying a used car, as it can give a visual information about the vehicle's damage level. The report is simple and easy to understand, and does not require expert knowledge to read.

      We check every car for any reports of:

        • Damage or accidents
        • Mileage manipulations
        • Thefts
        • Taxi or rental car use
        • Maintenance and inspections
        • Import information
        • Change of ownership
        • Open recalls of the manufacturer

        How it works

          • Paste the VIN into the search bar. The system will check the availability of information about the vehicle and show the number of records in the database.

          • Select the necessary reports from the list and make a payment.

          • Download the report in PDF. Now you have the most reliable information about the car.

          Photo Report: Checking the history of a car from the USA (Canada) by VIN code


          If you are considering buying a used car, such as from US auctions, you should check it for hidden damage, which is called a “vin test”. You can do this using a Carfax or Autocheck report, as well as order a photo report for US (Canada) car. For only $3.95 you will receive a PDF with dozens of photos covering the entire history of the vehicle.

          Checking a car photo of by VIN number will make it possible to assess the real technical condition of the car from the US auction. Often, vehicle owners hide the damage by painting the bodywork or other cosmetic repairs. And if you buy a car remotely, and even more so, you don’t know where to look, you may well buy a problematic car from an auction. As a result, you will not only not enjoy driving, but also lose money. In fact, only a reliable photo report can show the real condition of the vehicle.

          What is a Photo Report?

          This is a PDF document that lays out key information about the car and has dozens of photos attached. As a rule, these are pictures taken after an accident or during the resale of a car by an insurance company at an auction (Copart, IAAI, Manheim,, etc.). The data is taken from the US National Database, which contains all the information about every American car from the moment of registration. Almost everything that happens to a car after it leaves the US dealership is recorded in this database.

          The owner of the car, when putting up a car for sale, indicates only a limited amount of information. The bulk of the data remains in shadow. The seller takes beautiful photos and indicates only the information that he considers necessary. Any hard-hitting fact about the car is likely to be hidden. That is why it is so important to have an alternative source of information. Our detailed photo report of a car from the USA is just such a source of information, independent and absolutely truthful.

          What information about the car can be found from the Photo report?

          The PDF document contains all the photographs ever taken by the owners of the car, as well as employees of auctions, car sales sites in America.

          A photo report for a car from the USA may include:

          • photo of a car after all accidents, as a result of which it is possible to visually assess the damage after an accident;
          • photo of the manufacturer’s plate (on it is printed: Vehicle identification number (VIN), exact date of manufacture of the car (month / year);
          • photo of the odometer with current mileage;
          • brand, model, year of manufacture of the vehicle, type of fuel, body color, drive, VIN code, mileage and other information.

          How to buy Photo report?

          To get a photo of a car by VIN code, you only need the chassis number itself and a few dollars. Action algorithm:

          • Enter the VIN number in the search bar. The VIN is a series of seventeen characters that identifies a specific vehicle and is a unique number for it. The number is assigned by the manufacturer at the factory and is the same as DNA for a person.
          • Select Photo Report from the list offered by the site in response to checking the VIN number.
          • Pay for the report online. The price is $3.95.
          • Download PDF file with photos.

          Buying a Photo Report for an American car is an effective way to make a balanced and profitable purchase of a vehicle. We are confident that the resulting photos will give you a real idea of the condition of the car. You have the right to receive truthful information - use it!


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