Manheim Report

Technical condition and data of the car (lot) sold at a Manheim auction for only $3.55
  • Photo of the vehicle, technical condition, date of sale
  • What repairs were done before the car was sold? Painting? Bodywork and technical problems?
  • In what condition and with what faults did the vehicle come to the Manheim auction?

Content Manheim of the report

What information is in the Manheim report? Report example

    Learn more about the vehicle's history and avoid costly hidden problems

    Manheim Report - available by VIN number, only for vehicles sold through Manheim American Auto Auction. You can see the specifications and condition of the vehicle when it was sold (photos from the auction are included in the report).

    The Manheim Report includes information about the technical defects and damages the vehicle has suffered since it was sold at auction. The report also lists all the repairs that were done to the vehicle before it was sold (body parts replacement, new parts installation, repainting, straightening, minor and major scratches, engine repairs, suspension repairs, and other technical problems).

      We check every car for any reports of:

        • Damage or accidents
        • Mileage manipulations
        • Thefts
        • Taxi or rental car use
        • Maintenance and inspections
        • Import information
        • Change of ownership
        • Open recalls of the manufacturer

        How it works

          • Paste the VIN into the search bar. The system will check the availability of information about the vehicle and show the number of records in the database.

          • Select the necessary reports from the list and make a payment.

          • Download the report in PDF. Now you have the most reliable information about the car.

          Manheim Report: Checking the history of a car from the USA (Canada) by VIN code

          A mandatory step in buying a car from an auction is to check the history. What condition is the car in? Has he been in an accident, if so, what injuries does he currently have? How many owners did the car have in the past? Perhaps the car was stolen or received the status of "drowned" in the United States? Finally, what is the actual mileage? All of these questions can be answered with a report from Copart.

          On the Checkvin website, you can easily check the VIN of any vehicle for only $3.55. This is an extremely low price for a service that allows you to legally find out the entire history of a car from an auction. You do not have to register on the Manheim website for this or spend additional time collecting information on your own. Just the car's VIN and a few bucks and you'll have a comprehensive Manheim report with up-to-date car data.

          What is Manheim?

          Manheim is an auction house for new and used cars and other vehicles with minor damage. Unlike auctions like Copart or Insurance, all cars on the Manheim site are already repaired and have passed all the necessary checks. Also, the Manheim auction is famous for its stricter requirements in relation to the history of operation and maintenance history of the car. Each owner is required to provide a detailed report on the repairs and damages that are entered on the lot card.

          Thus, the Manheim report is a meaningful document with extremely complete information about the vehicle. All data that has ever been uploaded by the owners of a car to the Manheim auction is available in this report. The Checkvin website provides access to this information for a very affordable price of just $3.55. This is extremely cheap, given the benefits that such a document brings. We do not recommend trying to find data for free: the history of a car in the USA is taken from the National Database of all vehicles registered in America.

          What information about the car can be learned from the Manheim report?

          The Manheim auction report includes the following information:

          • The main characteristics of the car from the auction, including the engine, type of drive and transmission
          • Complete set, key functions, indication of the country of production and year of manufacture
          • Sales history for Manheim
          • Accident history, amount and type of damage
          • Mileage (real odometer readings)
          • Actual photos

          How to buy a Manheim report?

          You don't have to spend time registering and obtaining a license to search through the vins of a car from the popular Manheim auction. Manheim is a closed auction, but you just need to buy a Manheim report and you will have all the data from this site at your disposal. All you need is the VIN number of the car (chassis number), consisting of 17 characters, and a few bucks.

          To find out the history of cars from the USA in the form of a report from Manheim:

          1. Enter a unique VIN number in the search bar on the site.
          1. Select a Manheim report from the provided list of documents.
          1. Pay for the service. The price of the Manheim report is $3.55. This is quite cheap, considering that you will have access to the full history of the American car for the entire period of operation.
          1. Download the PDF report.

          We strongly recommend that you take care of your own safety and the safety of your property. Do not blindly buy a car from the Manheim auction - order a report in advance and read the information. The price of a PDF file is symbolic, but you will get a true picture of the condition of the vehicle. Usually, Carfax or Autocheck are used for such purposes, but if you decide to buy a car at Mannheim, then it is logical to refer to their database.

          Don't limit yourself to the data provided by the owner - check the history of the US car yourself to protect your interests.