Check VIN Number: History of Cars from USA and Canada

Check the history of the car from the USA: real mileage, history of accidents, regularity of service, number of owners, whether the car was sunk, etc.

Available Report Types

On our website you can buy the following types of reports: CarFax, Autocheck, Photo Report, Copart, Iaai, Manheim

How it works

    • Paste the VIN into the search bar. The system will check the availability of information about the vehicle and show the number of records in the database.

    • Select the necessary reports from the list and make a payment.

    • Download the report in PDF. Now you have the most reliable information about the car.

    Checking vehicle history (USA Canada) by VIN number


    Buying a used car from the US looks like a good deal, but do you feel like something is off? Most likely, you just do not have enough information. We recommend checking the history of a car from the USA on our website and getting a 100% truthful report, which will become the basis for a profitable purchase of a used car. We use exclusively legal methods of checking by VIN code: Carfax, Autocheck, as well as Copart, IAAI, Manheim auction databases and photo report database. By combining the capabilities of all key US databases, we have automated the process of checking a car by VIN and made it convenient for our customers.

    Twisted mileage, hidden damage, various misrepresentations regarding the age or condition of the car are just a few of the risk factors that you can identify by deciphering the VIN number. You only need to order a Carfax report or check it in another way (check the history of a car from the USA  Canada). To do this, you should not waste time looking for effective services - we have collected the best of them on this site.

    How to check a used car before buying?

    When buying cars from auctions in America or Canada, it is very important to check the information / data provided by the owner. You can’t blindly shop from a distance without being able to inspect the car in person. And even if there is such an opportunity, there is no need to go for an inspection if you learn from the Carfax report that the car has been in several accidents and is in a deplorable state with high mileage. This often happens, sellers hide defects in the car with a light cosmetic repair.

    Checking the history of a car from America is very easy when you know the right service. If you have landed on our site, then you are in the right place. All you need is the vehicle’s VIN number. It is provided by sellers at auctions Copart, IAAI, Manheim (, Adesa) and any other auto sites for the sale of used vehicles. Enter it in the search box and we’ll do the rest for you.

    It is often difficult to trace the entire history of a vehicle, but in America there are national vehicle databases that store all the data for many years. Our VIN check shows if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, how many times and when it was the subject of a sale and purchase transaction, how many owners it had and in what actual technical condition it is. That is, the entire history of operation and a complete history of service will be at your disposal.

    And of course, you will have before your eyes a photo of a car, key characteristics, equipment, mileage, participation in an accident, year of manufacture, country of production.

    What types of vehicle history reports exist?

    Reports available for purchase on our website:

    • Carfax
    • Photo Report
    • AutoCheck
    • Copart Report
    • IAAI Report (Insurance)
    • Manheim Report

    When it comes to cars in the US, the Carfax Report is the most commonly used, as CARFAX is the leading provider of used car history. But there are other companies in whose reports you can also see the truthful facts indicating the safety, reliability and safety of any particular machine.

    We have collected on this site at once 6 effective ways to get the history of a car from America. For just a few dollars, you can study the biography of the American car you want. Would you like to receive a VIN report for free? We do not recommend looking for free ways, any effective service costs money. Carfax report on the official website costs from $35, on our website the cost of reports starts from $3.55. Now imagine how much you risk losing by buying a car in USA without proper control. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So do it wisely: all you need to do is check the VIN of the car you like to eliminate the risks. To do this, view all the information on used car sales, repairs, accidents and mileage.

    How to buy a report?

    To check the history of US vehicle, you will need the VIN number and a couple of dollars. Here’s how it works:

    1. Enter the symbolic chassis number (VIN) in the search field above.
    1. Choose the appropriate report from the list offered by our service.
    1. Pay for the selected report (or several reports).
    1. Download the report in PDF format and study it carefully.

    As a rule, a choice of 6 types of reports is offered for any machine, but there may be less - the availability of information varies. VIN check takes less than 1 minute.

    🚗 Check by VIN Number - ✔️

    🔍 Report types - Carfax, AutoCheck, Photo, Copart, Iaai

    💰 Cost - $3.95

    ⏱ Check time - <1 minute

    📥 Report format - PDF