IAAI Report

Technical condition and data of the car (lot) sold at a IAAI auction for only $3.55
  • Photo of the vehicle, technical condition, date of sale
  • What type of certificate (Title) was assigned when the vehicle was sold?
  • What is the appraised value of the lot and repairs, according to the Copart auction estimate?

Content Iaai of the report

What information is in the Iaai report? Report example

    Learn more about the vehicle's history and avoid costly hidden problems

    IAAI Report - available by VIN number, only for vehicles sold through Copart auction. The report provides information about the technical characteristics of the vehicle and its condition at the time of sale (photos from the auction are included in the report).

    There is also information in the IAAI report about what certificate (Title) was assigned to the vehicle when it was sold: Salvage, Nonrepairable / Certificate of Destruction, Parts only / No Title / Bill of Sale, Junk, Original / Clear.

      We check every car for any reports of:

        • Damage or accidents
        • Mileage manipulations
        • Thefts
        • Taxi or rental car use
        • Maintenance and inspections
        • Import information
        • Change of ownership
        • Open recalls of the manufacturer

        How it works

          • Paste the VIN into the search bar. The system will check the availability of information about the vehicle and show the number of records in the database.

          • Select the necessary reports from the list and make a payment.

          • Download the report in PDF. Now you have the most reliable information about the car.

          Insurance Auto Auctions Report: Checking the history of a car from the USA (Canada) by VIN code

          The IAAI online auction offers a huge selection of used cars at good prices. You can carry out a convenient search by brand and model, choose different years of manufacture and equipment. When a suitable car or several such cars are found, we recommend checking the history of each using the VIN code.

          On our website you can conveniently buy an IAAI report and get comprehensive information about the car. This will provide an opportunity to ensure the safety of a potential purchase. Car owners in the United States often try to manipulate data, hide real mileage or accident history. A report from the entire history of the car from the auction is a guarantee that you have all the useful information on hand before buying.

          What is Iaai?

          IAAI is a unique multi-channel platform that handles over 2.5 million vehicles annually. The Insurance auction team is constantly developing its services, increasing the base of sellers and buyers around the world. On this site, it is easiest to find a quality used car with low mileage and a good operating / maintenance history.

          Cars at Insurance are more closely inspected before being put up for auction than at other auctions. This allows us to ensure a higher quality of all vehicles on Insurance. However, even here cars need to be checked. To do this, you don’t need much - just punch through the wines of the car, carefully study the history of the accident, look at the photos, evaluate the mileage and the nature of the existing damage. This is the minimum that allows you to save yourself from spending several thousand dollars in vain.

          What information about a car can be found in an Insurance report?

          At the IAAi insurance auction, almost every vehicle has an impressive amount of information. An informed buyer is a confident bidder, and the IAAI wants customers to have all the tools they need to make a buying decision. They provide detailed information about each car, boat or motorcycle in the catalog to prepare you for the auction.

          Ordering a IAAI report from means getting all this data and getting one impressive step closer to buying the car of your dreams.

          The report from the Insurance auction includes the following information:

          • Key characteristics of the car, including engine, drive type, gearbox
          • Complete set, main functions, indication of the country of production and year of manufacture
          • History of car sales at auction Insurance
          • The history of the accident, the amount and nature of damage
          • Mileage
          • Actual photos of the car

          How to buy an IAAI report?

          You don't have to register on their platform, create an account, and so on, in order to punch through the VIN of a car from the popular IAAI auction. You'll need the vehicle's VIN and a few bucks to find out the history of the US car. The procedure will take only a few minutes of your time and you will receive the data in a legal manner.

          So, to order an Iaai report, you need to:

          1. Enter the vehicle's unique VIN into the search bar on this site.
          1. Select an IAAI report from the provided list of reports.
          1. Pay for the service. The price of the report with Insurance is $3.55. It's quite cheap, considering that you get access to the full history of the American car for the entire time of operation.
          1. Download the report as a PDF file.

          We strongly recommend that you do not try to get an Insurance report for free. Such information can only be ordered for money, as it is taken from the National Vehicle Database of America. On the Checkvin website you can get a report from Insurance as cheaply and quickly as possible.