The entire history of your car (by VIN) in one report, for only $3.99
  • Was the car in an accident or flood?
  • Degree of damage after the accident. What were the damages?
  • Real mileage and number of owners. How many times has the car been resold?

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What information is in the Autocheck report? Report example

    Learn more about the vehicle's history and avoid costly hidden problems

    AutoCheck - is an itemized report of all vehicles operated in America (US) and Canada.

    It contains data on the number of car owners, mileage, and regular maintenance (servicing). In the case of an accident, or if the vehicle was in a disaster area resulting in waterlogging and other incidents (including manufacturer's recall), this information is entered in the report with a detailed description of the problem and dates.

      We check every car for any reports of:

        • Damage or accidents
        • Mileage manipulations
        • Thefts
        • Taxi or rental car use
        • Maintenance and inspections
        • Import information
        • Change of ownership
        • Open recalls of the manufacturer

        How it works

          • Paste the VIN into the search bar. The system will check the availability of information about the vehicle and show the number of records in the database.

          • Select the necessary reports from the list and make a payment.

          • Download the report in PDF. Now you have the most reliable information about the car.

          AutoCheck Report: Checking the history of a car from the USA (Canada) by VIN code


          Twisted mileage, hidden damage as a result of an accident, the deliberate concealment of important flaws related to the condition or history of the car - every buyer can face this. If you are looking at a car from the USA (Canada), we recommend that you protect yourself and check the vehicle history. An Autocheck report (or Carfax) will save you from all these risks.

          One of the best ways to check a car from an auction in America is Autocheck. A report with important information about the car and a photo will allow you to get a true impression of the real condition of the vehicle. The cost of a PDF file is only $3.99, extremely cheap. You can order a report directly on this site online.

          Do not look for an AutoCheck report for free: on the official website it costs from $25. They don’t provide this information just like that, all data is stored in the US national database containing the history of all cars registered in the country.

          What is AutoCheck?

          Autocheck is one of the leading services offering car history check services. AutoCheck gets information from thousands of trusted sources, including the US and Canadian Departments of Transportation, insurance companies, police, fire departments, vehicle inspections, auto auctions, and more. All this can be broken through with the help of wine numbers.

          The AutoCheck database is one of the most comprehensive vehicle history systems available. It contains over 4 billion records covering half a million vehicles. Each vehicle history report contains important information such as odometer (mileage), previous registrations, vehicle title, accident pattern and photo. The AutoCheck report is America’s most trusted data source. Information is logged into AutoCheck using VIN numbers.

          Before buying a used vehicle from the US or Canada, we recommend ordering an AutoCheck report online. It will allow you to find out the history of the selected machine and draw the necessary conclusions.

          What information about a car can be learned from the AutoCheck report?

          • basic information about the vehicle (characteristics, equipment, year of manufacture, country of manufacture)
          • number of owners
          • odometer reading (mileage)
          • accident history and extent of damage
          • Vehicle title (SALVAGE, REBUILT, CLEAR TITLE, etc.)
          • operating information (car rental, leasing, mortgage, etc.)
          • nature damage (fire, flood, hail, hurricane)
          • service information (service repair, etc.)

          The Autocheck report contains a lot of valuable information. It is carefully structured and understandable even without expert knowledge. A distinctive feature of the AutoCheck report is its own score on a scale from 0 to 100, reflecting the state of the vehicle in a clear numerical equivalent for everyone.

          How to buy an AutoCheck report?

          To get a complete history of a car from the USA, it is enough to perform a number of simple steps:

          • Enter the 17-character VIN in the search box on our website and start searching.
          • Select the AutoCheck report from the proposed list.
          • Pay for the service. The price of the report is $3.95.
          • Download AutoCheck report in PDF format.

          Receiving an Autocheck report takes no more than 1 minute. For a fraction of the price, you’ll get a structured, meaningful report on any American car. Protect your family and yourself by knowing all the important facts about the history of the car you intend to buy. Otherwise, hidden car accidents, deployed airbags and problems with the chassis can lead to life-threatening consequences.

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