Funds Refund Policy


1.1 In the event that a valid VIN has been entered by the Client, but the Contractor finds no current and valid Client enters a valid VIN number but for any reason related to technical defects and so on the payment has been withdrawn from the Client, the latter has the right to apply in any convenient way to the contact information listed on the website to request for a refund.

1.2 To request a refund, the Client must provide the Contractor with proof of withdrawal of funds in the form of a bank card statement or payment receipt if a terminal was used, and also the obligatory data  specified when obligatory data  specified in the payment: email, phone number and VIN number.

1.3 Refunds are made by the Executor after reviewing the application, within 2-4 working days from the date of Client's request, by canceling the transaction and return of funds to the Client's card, or by any other method agreed upon by the Client and the

and by any other method agreed upon by the Customer and the Executor and approved by both parties.

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